Our Story

Kākou Collective "Hilo"
Founded in 2017, Kākou Collective celebrates the the rich culture and raw beauty of Hawaiʻi nei with original designs and goods for your home, desk and beyond. Deeply inspired by our homeland, we aim to connect you back to this ʻāina (land) with visual story telling.

Kākou Collective Bloom Baby Bloom


From thoughtfully selecting the type of plants we draw, to the collections we curate, we weave Hawaiʻi's story and our love of local culture into all we do so that you can too.

Kākou Collective "Maui"

Our goal is to share our love and knowledge for local culture through original artwork and to create quality products that share Hawaiʻi's authentic story across the globe. We do our best to not only ensure that all of our products are made using ethical and sustainable practices, but that they are manufactured as locally as possible.

Our Owner/Founder

Kākou Collective is the studio of Native Hawaiian mother and artist, Kea Peters. Kea (a former freelance graphic artist) has been part of the local design industry in Hawaiʻi since 2012. For Kea, supporting the local economy and telling Hawaiʻi's story authentically has always been a passion. Having graduated from the Kamehameha Schools and having worked in local print shops/other locally owned businesses, she has seen first-hand how important it is for Hawaiʻi's story to be authentically told. She along with her ʻohana built this brand learning as they go, continually perpetuating Hawaiʻi's authentic story through well-designed, high-quality product.

Why I started this brand

"I started this brand doodling in my planner, creating layouts and imagery with the beauty that surrounded me because a lot of what is out there is peoples ideas of what Hawaiʻi is vs. what I know makes my home special. I would hike several times a week in the mountains behind my home and I would research the plants I would see. Over time, learning about the differences as well as the importance of our local/native flora and fauna, I started telling our story by creating stationery that I identified with as a Native Hawaiian, born and raised on the island of Oʻahu. The moments that bring me the most joy are when customers share their personal memories that are connected to our artwork. As native and local people it is so important for us to identify with what is around us and that includes our daily tools."