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See you at our next pop up: Aloha Home Market on 12/3
See you at our next pop up: Aloha Home Market on 12/3

About Us

Kākou Collective "Hilo"
Founded in 2017, Kakou Collective creates and shares authentic artistic expression that inspire creators to connect with the cultural values, traditions, and communities of Hawaiʻi. 

From thoughtfully selecting the type of plants we draw, to the collections we curate, we weave Hawaiʻi's story and our love of local culture into all we do so that you can too.

Kākou Collective "Maui"

Our goal is to share our love and knowledge for local culture through original artwork and to create quality products that share Hawaiʻi's authentic story across the globe. We do our best to not only ensure that all of our products are made using ethical and sustainable practices, but that they are manufactured as locally as possible.

Mahalo for taking the time to learn more about us. If you'd like to learn more about our founder and the illustrator of Kakou Collective, please read here.