Our Mission

Kakou Collectiveʻs mission  is to create and share authentic artistic expression that inspire creators to connect with the cultural values, traditions, and communities of Hawaiʻi. From thoughtfully selecting the type of plants we draw, to the collections we curate, we weave Hawaiʻi's story and our love of local culture into all we do. By mixing aloha ʻāina and contemporary expression, we hope to enrich your life through storytelling and creative expression. 

Through Kākou Collective, we strive to:

  1. Create high quality, thoughtful, organizational and lifestyle product to visually share Hawaii's story across the globe
  2. Connect creators who share in our values and love of Hawai'i
  3. Give back to the organizations and communities that help Hawaiʻi to thrive
  4. Empower creators that utilize our product to identify with the tools to help them dream, plan, create, and achieve their missions in life

We live by our mission statement in all we do and want to make good on what we promise. Learn more about:

Giving Back - 1% for Hawai'i

Visual story telling

Weaving intention into our process