Punny Native Plant Greeting Cards

This collection includes plants: Hau, Niu, ʻŌhelo, Kalo, and Milo with the following phrases:

Hau | Hau You Doin

Niu | Here's To Niu Beginnings

ʻŌhelo | ʻŌhelo There

Kalo | Kalo Me Crazy I Miss You

Milo | Milo-ve You Long Time

Greeting cards are manufactured locally in Honolulu, on the island of Oʻahu. This is perfect for those who have a passion for supporting our local community. This is made of FSC certified paper - ensuring that it is in alignment with the Forest Stewardship Council, utilizing paper that meets our current needs for products of this nature, without compromising the health of the worlds forests for future generations.