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From thoughtfully selecting which subjects we draw and which collections we curate to where we manufacture, we weave Hawaiʻi's story and our love of local culture into all we do so that you can too.


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Live Aloha: Hand Lettering 101 Workshop

Live Aloha: Hand Lettering 101 Workshop

Hand Lettering 101/Modern Calligraphy Workshop Live Aloha Festival @ the Seattle Center Saturday, September 10 from 12:30pm PDT to 3pm PDT Aloha! We are so excited to offer workshops during our time in Seattle. For those of you who are new to the Kākou Collective hui, Aloha! Please feel free to tell us where youʻre from in the comments below and connect with us on...

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Growing, uplifting, and impacting others through art

Art is not just something you look at, its something that connects and grounds us. We believe that we each have a unique story to share and have made it our mission to tell our story and to help others tell theirs while giving to organizations that make Hawai'i a better place.


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About our stationery

I love being able to create with my Kakou Collective stationery - it reminds me of home [Hawaiʻi] because she [Kea] draws things that I actually grew up with vs. what most people think Hawaiʻi is. I also love how everything is coordinated and matching.

Victoria H. | CustomerColumbus, OH [Originally from Kaimukī]

I love being a subscriber because I donʻt have to worry about missing out. Itʻs exciting to see a Kakou Collective package in the mail because I know I have something to look forward to opening at the end of the day that I know I will love.

Jasmine L. | CustomerSan Jose, CA [Originally from Waikele, Oʻahu]

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