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Mark your calendars: Online Drop + double points weekend 5/10-5/12
Mark your calendars: Online Drop + double points weekend 5/10-5/12

Lucky Bag

We have put together a limited amount of Lucky Bags filled with some of our mea that we've released at 50% off its original retail price. Bags range from $15-$60 containing items that are normally never discounted in our shop. We've even put in some items we found in our vault, and from our Patreon Makeke. Items in the bag can be made in Hawaiʻi stationery, planner stickers, washi tape, sticky notes, vinyl stickers, limited edition items, seasonal items, limited quantity items, patreon goodies, and so much more.

All sales are final - the items in the bag are a mystery and you wonʻt know what's in it until you receive it. Choose your bag by selecting your lucky number and take a chance on some wonderful deals! 

Even though this is a Japanese new year tradition, it's often practiced in other cultures especially here in our beautiful homeland of Hawaii. I remember waiting in line at Sanrio for these packages filled with stationery even as a little girl and it was always exciting to see what goodies were in those magical surprise bags!

PS: do you like our fun Pūʻolo Lucky Bag twist on fukubukro?


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