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Shop our newest holiday drop here - Free shipping on orders $125+ within the US and Hawaiʻi
Monthly Calendar: Mikioi

Monthly Calendar: Mikioi

June 2022 | "Mikioi"
vs. Dainty and neat in craftsmanship, or in doing anything; deft; excellently made, as result of workmanship. []
Although shes a kui style lei like our original (kui is a style of lei making where we string together pieced objects), we twisted in a second strand of pīkake, as well as a new pua: lokelani. This pua is not native to Hawaiʻi, but is associated with the island of Maui - one of the islands that we are visiting this month (see our event schedule below).
This artwork was made with a particular wahine in mind - one who has made such a difference with Kakou Collective: Kaʻiu. She may have packed your order, answered your email, reached out to you on Patreon, and a whole list of other things. She does so much for Kakou Collective, so if you ever see her around - know that without her, Kakou Collective wouldnʻt be a thing. Pīkake is a favorite of hers and pink is her class color (she is also an alumna of Kamehameha). It truly is a Kākou thing over here - and she is so thoughtful and skillful in all she does! Weʻre so lucky to have her in our ʻohana.
We hope that you love this months downloads and are inspired by its meaning and nod to one of the islands we are going to be popping up on. Keep in mind that when downloading, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and must be signed into your Kakou Collective customer account.
Kakou Collective Pikake and Loke Lei Mobile Wallpaper
Pikake and Loke Lei Mikioi © Kakou Collective
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