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Upcoming Pop Ups - Save the date | Kona Loft @ Kailua-Kona July 13 • 11a - 3p | Mom Made Market @ Kahala Mall July 20
Upcoming Pop Ups - Save the date | Kona Loft @ Kailua-Kona July 13 • 11a - 3p | Mom Made Market @ Kahala Mall July 20
Kakou Collective Free Hand Lettering Tutorials and Resources

Mahina ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi | Pule ʻEkahi

Pule ʻEkahi | Week One (Pepeluali 01 - Pepeluali 05)

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*This blog will be updated as the week progresses with links to our Instagram posts. Donʻt forget to participate with us in the comments of our Instagram for a chance to win! We will be randomly selecting a winner that participates at the end of each week in Mahina ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi 2022. The more you participate, the more chances you have of us randomly selecting you. This week, we will be giving away a set of lei vinyl stickers (This giveaway is not associated with instagram - the winner will be contacted directly from @kakoucollective and will not be contacted through or by any other accounts. Please do not share any personal information.)

Pōʻakolu (Wednesday 2/2) | Lā ʻEkahi (Day One)

ʻO wai kou Inoa? (What is your name?)

 ʻO ______ koʻu inoa. (_____ is my name). 

Introduce yourself i ka ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi! Its been a hot minute since Iʻve introduced myself. ʻO Keakaokalani koʻu inoa Hawaiʻi! ʻO Kea koʻu inoa kapakapa.

I will be lettering any names listed in the comments (of individuals participating by using the proper sentence structure) on Thursday morning.

Pōʻahā (Thursday 2/3) | Lā ʻElua (Day Two)

No hea mai ʻoe? (Where are you from?)

No ______ mai au. (I am from ________).

Tell us where youʻre from i ka ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi. We love seeing how our community has grown over time and would love to know where you are from! If you participate, I will letter any hometowns/states/countries listed in the comments (of individuals using the proper sentence structure) Friday morning.

Pōʻalima (Friday 2/4) | Lā ʻEkolu (Day Three)

Nā lā o ka pule (Days of the week) 

Lets work on our lettering together during class!

Papa Kākau Lima | Hand Lettering Class via IG Live from 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Tools needed: Writing tool and something to write on that has lines. If you signed up for class, you need some guideline worksheets (I suggest printing 5 sheets).

Pōʻaono (Saturday 2/5) | Lā ʻEhā (Day Four)

Nā Helu (Numbers) - see our post for the numbers written out.

Handwriting Challenge: Spell/write out numbers one through ten. Extra Challenge - spell/write out your numbers from 1-31 (see what we did here - now you can make a number line for planning or journaling). Aim for consistency - similar letters should look the same no matter where they are utilized in a word. (eg. THREE - Both “Eʻs” should look the same.

Handlettering Challenge: Hereʻs your chance to connect letters. Numbers one through ten have less letters than numbers in the double digits (for the most part). This is an excellent opportunity for you to practice lacing letters together. Remember to lift!

Lā Pule (Sunday 2/6) | Lā ʻElima (Day Five)

Nā mahina (Months - transliteral)

Handwriting Challenge: Be as consistent as you possibly can if you are handwriting to improve your handwriting. 

Handlettering Challenge: Hereʻs your chance to connect letters (and its more advanced since the words are longer than yesterdays challenge of writing numbers). Lift after every stroke and try to connect the letters to spell this month (bonus challenge, letter all of the months of the year).

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