Kea: Five Favorites

Updated on September 01, 2021. Here are the top five favorites of Kākou Collective Owner/Founder, Kea Peters:

Meaningful Collection: Kamanu'ailehua
I believe that art makes you feel something and has meaning. I feel so much with this collection not only because it is a collection inspired by and created for my son, it is a collection that I got to collaborate with one of my favorite Native Hawaiian business owners, Leilani of the Keiki Dept. 
Artful Collaboration: Kai Collection

The best kind of friends are the ones that not only love you for who you are, but make you a stronger person. I love how this collaboration turned out with Lisa Ledbetter, Indigenous Uchinanchu of Okinawa and Owner/Founder of Lisa Risa.

 First and forever favorite: Puakenikeni Pua and Lei Puakenikeni

I know this is somewhat of a cheat because these are two products, but they are truly the pieces that lit something in me. Creating washi has been on my bucket list forever. Puakenikeni Pua is the first local favorite flower that we released and its still a hui favorite. Lei Puakenikeni is the first local favorite lei that we released and it kicked off our lei series.
Traveling Artwork: Lei Pepili Wainola
I love these lei pepili wainola (vinyl stickers) because my art gets to travel with me wherever I go, and these lei are going to last awhile!!! If I could add one thing to it, I'd make them hold their iconic fragrance. 
Artfully crafted: Punny Native Plant Greeting Cards

This is truly a happy project. I love puns just as much as the next planner girl, but very few can be found with our native plants. I'm so happy to find a creative and fun way to put our native plants out into the world and with a local printer!