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Okakopa - ʻIlima kū kahakai by Kākou Collective

ʻIlima kū kahakai, shoreline ʻilima, Oʻahu’s island flower, sida fallax is indigenous to Hawaiʻi and can be found thriving on Hawaiʻi’s shorelines in varying weather conditions. Lei made of ʻilima was seen as lei for royalty, but is now a very special lei gifted for extremely special occasions. ʻIlima is associated with the goddess of hula, Laka, and is a kinolau (earthly form) of the god Kāne.

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Update: Grandma’s Hale

Inspired by memories of being at Grandmas hale (house), we started drawing the little things that brought me back to my childhood. My grams was a super crafty washing (woman) that could sew everything and anything from pants to a quilt and I know if she were here, she’d turn this into something amazing. In honor of her, and her love for sewing, we decided to turn select artwork from this collection inspired by her into fabric.  Initially, we put it out into the universe that we would make our artwork available on Spoonflower, however a much more beautiful alternative came to surface. Another locally owned and operated business offered to manufacture fabric for us, and as you know here at...

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