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April events: Mom Made Market 4/20 @ Kahala Mall | Hoʻomau Hawaiʻi 4/28 @ Bishop Museum | Kea in NYC 4/26-2/28 Click for details
April events: Mom Made Market 4/20 @ Kahala Mall | Hoʻomau Hawaiʻi 4/28 @ Bishop Museum | Kea in NYC 4/26-2/28 Click for details
Why do we make things locally?

Why do we make things locally?

Kakou Collective

Aloha Kākou!

So obviously, we here at Kākou Collective are BIG fans of nature. But appreciating nature is more than just admiring pretty plants and flowers! One of our biggest values is Malama 'Aina (to care for the land). We want to share a few of the ways that we incorporate this tenant into our business to shine a light on why we do things the way we do! 

It’s tricky – when our company began producing and selling merchandise, we learned A LOT about the manufacturing process. There are so many decisions that affect a company’s environmental impact! When you use overseas factories or go with less expensive materials to make a product, it usually makes it cheaper to produce. Cheaper to produce = higher profit. Sounds like a no brainer, right?

Wrong! Often times, lower production costs come at the expense of the environment. If we used more overseas or mainland manufacturers, we’d need to ship our mea back to Hawaii. As a result, we try *as much as possible* to use local manufactures to create the products we sell in our shop. Less shipping means less of a carbon footprint!

Sometimes we have to use overseas or mainland factories. In this case, we feel the tradeoff is worth it because we can use more ‘aina-conscious materials and processes that are not as accessible here in Hawaii. For example, our microfiber towels are produced overseas but guess what? We chose that factory was because they are able to create our towels using Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (RPET). This means that six plastic bottles are removed from at risk coastlines to make one of these towels! We also want to reassure you that a portion of every purchase goes to offsetting our carbon footprint, regardless of where it was manufactured.    

Another reason we source locally is because we’re all about perpetuating and supporting Hawaii’s economy. There are so many good resources right here in the islands! By using these companies, we hope to create and sustain more jobs for our kaiāulu (community). When we use Hawaii-based brands, it nurtures innovation and growth within the community. It shows other businesses and artists that supporting local is possible – and that it’s important! The more people who use Hawaii-based suppliers, the more our economy flourishes! Plus, local suppliers are invested in Hawaii’s kaiāulu, and are more likely to donate or give back.

We truly believe in Pilina (the strengthening of relationships). Whether we work with a local or overseas supplier, it’s important to us to know the people behind the brand. We ask diligent questions about production practices to make sure that our policy of Malama 'Aina is being upheld by the companies that produce our mea. We want to make sure that when we deliver something to you folks, you can rest easy knowing that we did our best to ensure that environmentally-friendly materials were used to create and package your merch, and that the methods used to make them were in alignment with our values.

Our hope is that in explaining our values, our customers will shop smart in all that they purchase. Please continue to support companies that use responsible practices that take care of our ‘aina! Small changes add up and can make a huge impact on the environment over time! Mahalo for reading, and an even bigger mahalo for being part of the Kākou Collective ohana!

 A hui hou! (Until next time)

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