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Upcoming Pop Ups - Save the date | Kona Loft @ Kailua-Kona July 13 • 11a - 3p | Mom Made Market @ Kahala Mall July 20
Upcoming Pop Ups - Save the date | Kona Loft @ Kailua-Kona July 13 • 11a - 3p | Mom Made Market @ Kahala Mall July 20
Look who's back from retirement - Restocks

Look who's back from retirement - Restocks

These ladies have been out for a while - some haven't been back since 2020! I'm glad to say that we've decided to bring them back to the shop and say that they're here to stay (for now).

Kalo 'Ele'ele 20mm x 10m

This gal hasn't been back since 2020. This was the fourth tape we ever created, in the second washi tape release we ever had. At the time, I had no idea if anyone would even want canoe plants on washi - fast forward to 2022 and its something that is normalized in our shop. For those of you that are new to supporting, or perhaps missed the release - this restock is just for you!

Kalo Washi Tape Kakou Collective

Kalo Camouflage 15mm x 10m

This design is a direct result of being a boy mom. No joke. My hope is that this print and different color ways will make its way to our shop on more than just washi! But for now, we'll start her off on our hui favorite.

Kalo Camouflage Washi Tape Kakou Collective

Hau 15mm x 10m

This design making its way into the shop was a complete accident. It started off as a Patreon only design, but after a leak we had to let it into the online shop collection. Boy were we happy because its a favorite of hibiscus and native plant lovers.

Hau Native Hawaiian Hibiscus Washi Tape Kakou Collective

Ohai Alii 15mm x 10m

Directly from the memories of my grandmas back yard to this washi roll, I absolutely love how this came out. I love the detail, the color, literally everything about tit. I'm surprised that I love this one as much as I do being that red is totally not a favorite color of mine!

Ohai Alii Washi Tape Kakou Collective

Puakenikeni - "Pua" 15mm x 10m

I'm proud to bring this back. Part of our first ever collection of washi, this is the washi tape that got us on a roll (total pun intended). Never in my life did I think I'd get to create washi - at this time, I thought perhaps people will like this one. And if I'm going to be able to only make one, here she is. I'm so glad shes not alone, yet gets to make a comeback.

Puakenikeni Washi Tape Kakou Collective

Washi tapes are not guaranteed to make a comeback, so we like to say that they'll go into retirement. Perhaps they'll be off doing whatever washi does when they retire, but sometimes they're so good that they have to make a comeback!

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