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Mark your calendars: Online Drop + double points weekend 5/10-5/12
Mark your calendars: Online Drop + double points weekend 5/10-5/12
Items To Be Retired

Items To Be Retired

Items to be Retired

One of the most difficult things for us to do is to say a hui hou (until we meet again) to some of our favorite collections. We're throwing a SALE-a-bration to send some items into retirement with a bang! Check out our soon-to-be-retired stock below:

Ke Ola O Ka Lehua Wrapping Paper

Ke ola o ka lehua - the life of the lehua, incorporates the various stages of the ʻōhiʻa lehua.

Palapalai Washi

Palapalai is seen being used in many areas of the Hawaiian culture, but primarily in hula. This fern is sacred to the goddess of hula, Laka. This fern is made into a lei that many hula dancers will wear during a kahiko performance. When watching the Merrie Monarch Hula Festival, take a look at the adornments the dancers are wearing and see if you can find this fern!

Hau Stationery

Hau is in the hibiscus family and can be repurposed into a range of items including cordage, spars of outriggers, and floats for fishnets.

Naupaka Notepads

Naupaka is a half-flower plant native to Hawaiʻi. Naupaka Kahakai (beach naupaka) is found on the shoreline while Naupaka Kuahiwi (mountain naupaka) is found in higher elevations.  

Post-it Notes®

Ānuenue Greeting Card Bundles

Planner Stickers

This list is just a sample of everything in our SALE-a-bration! We have even more greeting cards, stickers, and washi for you to choose from in our online store and at our event booths this holiday season. Grab them while they last!

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