Kapa Kuiki Ānuenue Work Pad

Kapa Kuiki Ānuenue Work Pad

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Kapa Kuiki, a unique form of Hawaiian quilting is a beloved tradition in Hawaiʻiʻs local culture with origins tracing back to the early 1800ʻs.

What makes the holidays special are the traditions that we perpetuate and cultivate. Here at Kākou Collective, we have made Kapa kuiki ornaments or designs to embrace and celebrate our local culture while enjoying the spirit of the holidays.

Our work pads feature original artwork to keep you inspired with touches of home, but keep you organized throughout your day. Manufactured locally in Honolulu, on the island of Oʻahu, this is perfect for those who have a passion for supporting our local community. This is made of FSC certified paper - ensuring that it meets our current needs for products of this nature, without compromising the health of the worlds forests for future generations.


• List pad measures 8in x 10in

• 25 tear-off pages

• 60# smooth paper

• Made in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi 

This listing is for the work pad selected ONLY. 

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