Kalo Camouflage Washi (Nui)

Kalo Camouflage Washi (Nui)

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Kalo (taro) is a staple plant native to Hawaiʻi. Kalo (taro) is the foundation plant of Kākou Collective. It is the representation of our ancestors and our tie to this ʻāīna (land). When planting the kalo, we use the huli of the kalo generation before to plant and create the next generation of kalo. Our take on this action of planting and replanting is to incorporate kalo into the initial release of every new collection that we create. It remains our foundation in our culture, and our ties to our roots and ancestors.

An original design by Kea Peters of Kākou Collective - our signature kalo camouflage translucent washi tape.

 Kalo Camouflage Nui (15mm x 10m)

This listing is for the washi tape listed in selection ONLY. Colors may vary based on screens.

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