ʻOhai Aliʻi Washi (Nui)

ʻOhai Aliʻi Washi (Nui)

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The delicate ʻohai aliʻi comes in a variety of colors ranging from brilliant reds to bright yellows. Although it is not native to Hawaiʻi, it is a local favorite. The feathery appearance of this flower is said to resemble the feather lei and ʻahu ʻula (feather capes) our aliʻi (chief, chiefess, officer, ruler, monarch) wore.

An original design by Kea Peters of Kākou Collective - be sure to look out for matching products: notepads and greeting cards.

 Lantern Hibiscus Washi Nui (15mm x 10m)

This listing is for the washi tape listed in selection ONLY. Colors may vary based on screens.

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