ʻOkakopa 2021

Released in the month of ʻOkakopa (october)* 2021 in our online shop.

In ʻOkakopa 2021, we released our first ever washi box sets: Ānuenue, Lei Punahele, and ʻŌhiʻa Lehua. Five new designs were added to our notepad (5in x 7in 25p pad with tearable sheets) lineup: ʻOhai Aliʻi, ʻIlima, Kupaloke, and Ānuenue. We brought back a beloved design from our 2020 holiday collection in a new foil option: Kukui, and added three new non-foil washi to the mix: Kalo Camouflage, ʻOhai Aliʻi, and Lantern Hibiscus.

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